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Go for Haiti

As a company, we’ve raised US$26,225 towards our commitment of US$50,000 for the Haiti Project this year. In an effort to reach our goal, we’re hosting a one day global event on October 8 for you to show your support. Getting involved is easy and fun:

1. Pledge to participate in 30 minutes of physical activity on October 8 to create awareness for the Haiti Project. And register your participation here.

2. If you have some extra change lying around, donate it to the children of L’Ecole de Choix through the PayPal link below. The minimum donation amount is US$10.

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Did you know?

If we meet our goal of US$10,000 we could:

• Provide 112 days of lunch for the entire school.

• Ensure onsite nursing support and wellness for all students for two years.

• Get students safely to and from school for an entire year.